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Shipping Note: Order your decoys now and get on the waiting list. We are currently running 3 Months behind in production of Decoys. SO NOW IS THE TIME TO ORDER . We are a first come first serve company. Each decoy is made one at time. We want everyone to get their decoy before they need it..... so order now so you can have it for next season... It looks like the waiting List will be staying with us.. Also be sure to check back the waiting list might shorten or lengthen at anytime.!



We are extremely busy and we rarely are able to answer phones. We are doing all we can to keep the wait list down. Best way to contact us is by Email and feel free to do so. We normally respond withiung 24 hrs. If you haven't heard from us in 24 hrs. Please email us again. Thanks Ure-a-Duck Decoys


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  Wood duck Decoy foamMotion Mallard Decoy  

Full Body Goos Decoy

Foam Full body Canada Goose Motion Goose Decoy


Full line of Teal Decoys

Teal DecoysGreen wing teal decoy traditons

Motion Teal decoyFull Body Teal

We also have Blue wings in all the above models


Be Ready for this comming year's Dove Season....!

Dove DecoysMotion Dove Decoy


Dove DecoysFlapping Dove Decoy

  Don't miss out on the new additions!  
  Motion Black Duck Decoy Motion Speckle belly Goose decoy  

The Assault Eagle

Use it for avian control and to control the geese.. Also makes a

great ornamental Statement fo Proud to be Amereican

eagle decoy

  The best Jerk Motion decoys in the world... Click and watch the videos on the page .  

Motion Duck Decoy

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  Just a few of the Traditions decoys... Unsinkable Magnum Decoys.  

Oldsquaw Decoy

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Quality duck decoy, Canvasback Decoy, foam decoy

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Crow Decoys
Pigeon Decoys

Hooded Merganser Decoy

Rubber Bill!!!

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Mallard decoyduck decoysduck decoys

duck decoysDuck decoyswigeon full body decoyfull body wigeon decoy
duck decoysduck decoys
Decoy Heads for Herters 72 and Traditions Bodies
Herters replacement heads, Made for both the Traditions decoys and Herters Decoys.

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